19 April 2022 - Coding

Are in-person coding classes more effective for your child?

Thanks to recent events, online learning has become the most common form of education for many people. There are undoubtedly benefits to learning online, but we believe that there is no substitute for in-person learning for children. Children who enter collaborative, in-person learning environments can truly flourish – especially when they have the right teacher. There is no denying that children benefit from face-to-face communication and social interaction. A study published in Developmental Psychology found that children who engaged in frequent face-to-face communication with their peers during school breaks experienced a lower rate of social regression while out of school.

Why In-person Coding Classes?

It is generally accepted that frequent and diverse social interactions are often found within face-to-face environments. One can argue otherwise, hence, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of in-person learning.

APA PsycNetFace-to-face communication is strongly associated with positive social well-being.


  • Immediate support and guidance

    When learning something new, children benefit greatly from having in-person support and guidance from a knowledgeable adult. In-person learning is also better at providing varied learning techniques; children who fare better from watching demonstrations or acting under direction will find in-person learning beneficial, especially in small classes.

  • Focused learning

    In-person learning is less likely to deviate from the intended subject because there is an educator present to guide the class. This is extremely beneficial for young children and those who find it hard to self-motivate.

  • Naturally collaborative environment

    The benefits of collaborative learning and teamwork for children are well-known. While not all children find it as beneficial as others, collaborative learning encourages team working, leadership, and conflict resolution skills.

  • Helps to build social connections

    In the current climate, children are more isolated than ever before. Bringing children who want to code into in-person classes will introduce them to other kids who share their interests. This is a wonderful way to diversify their peer groups and improve their social skills.


  • More time consuming

    One of the major drawbacks of in-person learning is the fact that it requires adherence to a strict schedule and some amount of travel. There are coding classes available in most areas, however, especially in cities.

  • Potentially higher costs

    The cost of in-person learning can potentially be higher, but this is not always the case. Check if there are subsidy options in your area to lower costs.

  • May be daunting for young or shy children

    If you have very young, shy, or anxious children in-person learning may be daunting. Consider mixing in-person and online learning or seek small class sizes in particular.

Why Online Classes?

For some parents and children, online learning is the best or only option. As long as you find knowledgeable and skilled educators, however, there is no reason why online classes should not provide everything your child needs. In fact, some students actually prefer online learning! Let’s understand some of the pros and cons of online classes.

ForbesOnline programs are good fits for some students, and those students will continue to pick them where they can


  • Flexible

    Online learning is flexible by nature; many online classes are or can be recorded for later consideration. This makes it great for people who already have busy schedules. If your children have a lot of extracurricular activities or pre-existing demands on their time (like regular medical appointments) online learning is the perfect option.

  • Accessible

    As long as you have internet, online learning is accessible. So, if you live in a remote area or a place where there are no accessible in-person coding classes for your children, online learning options can fill the gap.

  • Potentially lower cost

    Online learning can have lower costs, especially when you consider the lack of need for travel. You may even find free online learning options.


  • Lack of external motivation

    If you have young children or children who find it hard to self-motivate, online learning can be tough. As a parent, you can step in to provide that external motivation but this is not always easy.

  • No set schedule or structure

    The lack of schedule and structure can be hard for young children in particular as routine is often key to effective learning. Once again, parents can try to mitigate this but it is not always easy.

  • Easy to fall behind

    Kids who can’t or don’t self-motivate and who don’t receive extra motivation from parents may fall behind easily. This can be very stressful for them.

Can You Have the Best of Both Worlds?

For most children, in-person learning will be preferable but there are times when online learning is more accessible and practical. For parents who struggle to find a single option that is best for their child, a hybrid approach may be better. For example, online learning supported by one or two in person classes per month or online learning that comes with a more set structure could provide the best of both worlds, so to speak. Discuss your options with the leaders of coding classes that interest your child to figure out what’s possible!

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