23 May 2022 - Gaming

Is There a Career in Computer Games?

The video game industry has been growing year on year since 2018, and has a global market value of $198.40 billion USD, according to Modor Intelligence. While the biggest industry is undoubtedly Asia, there are lots of opportunities in gaming around the world as well as thousands of ways to be involved. So, if you (or your child0 are video game crazy you don’t need to worry; it is possible to have a great career in video games. From character design and development to programming and voice acting there are a range of careers for every skill set.

euronewsIt is not just people sitting at home on their devices who are driving the industry growth but also corporate activity in video games, esports… and online competitions.

Three Careers in the Video Game Industry

Gone are the days when you had to be a programming whizz to even have a chance of working in the video game industry. These days the gaming industry is a lot like the movie industry; there are a plethora of roles both behind and in front of the proverbial. Here are three potential careers (as well as their general salary range):

1. Video Game Developer

The practical powerhouse to match the video game designers’ creativity, this career path is pretty much what most people think of when work in video gaming is suggested. Anyone looking to work as a video game developer will need an analytical mind, a dash of creativity, and robust programming skills to turn the creative vision of the designers into a working game. Specifically, those looking to work as game developers will need to learn to use C++ as this is the most popular language for game creation. There is great variation within this role, of course. You can work as a video game developer for a large company, with a small studio, or as an independent developer thanks to platforms like Steam. According to GlassDoor, the average salary range for a video game developer in the USA is $41 – 71K.

2. Voice Acting

Those who want to be ‘onscreen’ talent can get involved in video games as a voice actor. Of course, voice actors tend to work on more than just video game, which means that this career oath has only one foot in the gaming industry. Nonetheless, those who like to perform, have a great voice, a strong emotional range, and natural timing could find work in the gaming industry as voice actors. As with acting, the actual salary range of a voice actor is hard to quantify as a good name and reputation can command a higher wage. This means that the annual salary can range from $13,500 to $217k in the US where the average voice acting contract is $200 - $350 per hour.

rollingstone.comIt’s no secret that we’re living in a golden age of esports.

3. Professional Gaming [Competitions and Streaming]

These days it is possible to live the dream of every ‘80s teenager and make money playing video games. In fact, professional gamers can make huge amounts of money, but for most of them it is the joy and passion for gaming that is the driving factor. There is much variation in this role, of course; professional gaming can mean being a Twitch streamer or working as a part of a professional gaming team and taking part in ESports competitions. The prizes for ESports competitions can range from thousands to millions, as can the income of professional streamers. As such, this is the least stable of careers in gaming.

As well as these roles, there are also art and design roles, marketing roles, and writing roles within the gaming industry. This doesn’t even take into account the secondary markets that surround gaming – the video game niche of journalism is booming right now, for example.

Coding Classes as an Entry-Point

So, to conclude, there are viable career options in video gaming – it’s all a matter of niche. Whether your child wants to program games, play them, or write the scripts the future looks bright! If you’re looking for stability, or you want to guide your video game loving children towards a skill set that will give them the chance to have a career in a market with a future, coding lessons are a great idea. Not only will programming classes give your children a chance at long-term success, there are a range of immediate benefits for children who get involved in coding classes. Here at Abiliti we believe that coding is a skill for life!

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