31 March 2022 - Tech

Why Programming is a Useful Skill for Children

It is every parent’s goal to ensure that their child is happy, healthy, and ultimately equipped for success. In a world where technology is becoming ever more important, computer programming is a key skill. As such, children who learn to code at a young age may be in a better position to meet the future, but there are many reasons why you should encourage your children to learn to code today!

ForbesCoding has the potential to bring about a fundamental shift in the way we view technology, turning us from passive consumers into active producers.

What is Programming?

Programming is the process of writing computer software, applications, and programmes using one of the coding languages. Programming languages are used to create websites, video games, and practical computer software like word processors and anti-virus software. Of course, these are complex applications which require years of learning and practice to create; programming classes for children don’t generally stray into these waters until the students in question have mastered the very basics.

Coding classes present a unique opportunity for children to have fun whilst learning. Children who know how to code can create small video games and personalize their online spaces to reflect their personality. The benefits of these skills, and the options, for any child are numerous.

6 Reasons Why Learning to Programme is Good for Children

If you have been searching for a new way to connect with your children and want to help them to develop new skills at the same time, coding is a great option. There are many organizations which teach programming for children at low or no cost. Involving your children in these classes can provide entertainment and boost self-esteem, especially if they have an interest in computers and computer games. The other benefits of computer programming for children include:

1. Development of Problem-Solving Skills

Programming languages are precise; small mistakes can make a big different to the way a created programme functions. Learning to use coding languages will teach children how to stay calm and problem solve in the face of such mistakes and issues. Coding also develops creative problem-solving skills by encouraging them to work within the confines of a programming language to create the unique features that they want to see in their games and technological spaces.

2. Increased Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is of the most important factors in the world today because there is a digital skills shortfall. Most forms of digital literacy are basic; using social media, having an email address, and navigating search engines are all forms of digital literacy. Coding is an advanced digital skill that will set your children up to move comfortably in digital spaces well into their adult life.

EcnmyBeing able to code is reckoned to be the skill that gives the biggest boost to your paycheque (upping it by about a fifth on average).

3. Developed Analytical Thinking Skills

Even when everything is completed properly, coding languages may not produce the results that were desired or expected. Learning to deal with these frustrations and surprises will encourage analytical thinking. This is a highly transferable skill that will enhance the way that your child learns in all walks of life. Analytical thinking is involved in writing reports and fiction, in solving complex mathematical problems, and other academic pursuits. Developing analytical skills early will benefit your child in many ways.

4. Increased Persistence and Patience

Just like any other hobby that requires practice and technique, programming develops patience and persistence. Only through practice can coding languages like Python or Java be turned into working programmes and games. As your child learns they will see the value of persistence and patience in the form of their expanding abilities and programmes that they can create.

5. Increased Future Career Options

While this concern is far in the future, the ability to create functional code of varying degrees of complexity will build a strong foundation for future success. Though your child will not think of it in this way, they will be building skills that could secure them a stable and lucrative job one day in the future.

6. Increased Self Esteem

Because programming languages are not forgiving of mistakes, children who learn to code with a compassionate teacher will learn that mistakes are a natural part of learning and therefore nothing to be ashamed of. Coding can teach children that mistakes are opportunities for growth and help to raise their self-esteem when they inevitably find ways to identify, rectify, and avoid making mistakes.

Above and beyond all this, programming can be incredibly fun for children who are interested in technology and video games. This may be a complicated process, but we specialize in teaching children how to grasp each basic tenet before moving to the next thanks to our mastery based approach to learning. Over time, your child will begin to see the fruits of their labour and even interact with the things they create. At the end of the day, this is the main benefit of allowing your child to learn how to code – for their enjoyment.

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