07 April 2022 - Coding

How Parents can Support Children Learning to Code

According to Forbes, coding is one of the most important skills that any child can learn. As well as instilling transferable skills like analytical thinking and problem solving, coding is quickly becoming the foundation of new and growing industries. Learning to code can also be fun for children who are interested in technology; the learning process presents parents with a unique opportunity to bond with their children.

5 Ways You can Support Your Child While They Learn to Code

There are many ways that you, as a parent, can support your child while they learn to code, from joining in to going out it’s all about being involved in the learning process. Here are a few ideas for how you can support your children when they express an interest in coding:

Join a Coding Class

While there are plenty of child-only coding classes available, it can be fun to take an active part in teaching your children. Taking a basic coding class yourself can give you the tools to answer their questions and participate in their learning experience. You don’t need to be an expert – sometimes learning together can be fun!

ForbesCoding isn't just the future of work; it's the future of the world we live in.

Discuss Their Learning and Goals

Even if you don’t have the chance to learn with your kids, you can support them by discussing their learning and their goals. If your children want to learn to code, they probably have something specific in mind. For example, many children get into coding because they want to be able to make mods and items for video games like Roblox and Minecraft. By learning about their goals you can help them to plan and make progress!

Go on Themed Days Out

Just as you would take a child who loves dinosaurs to a museum, you can go on themed days out with children who are interested in coding and technology. From Science and computing museums to video game conventions, there are a number of ways you can spend time with children who love coding and computers.

Start a Coding Project Together

If you already have some coding experience, or you are learning with your child, you can start a coding project together. Whether this is a small project like creating a custom item for Roblox, or a more complex one like making a small video game together, this is a great way to spend time with your child while also helping them to improve their practical skills.

ScienceDirectResults show that parents and children engaged in high-quality interactions during coding app play.

Praise Their Progress

Some children are naturally independent and want to make their own way when a new topic piques their interest. If that’s the case, the best thing that you as a parent can do is leave them to figure things out on their own without interfering. You don’t have to be entirely hands off, however; take an interest in their projects and praise their progress. This is the simplest way to support your child as they learn, and it’s often what children want the most!

Remember: Facilitate Rather Than Regulate

Computer programming may seem a little complex for kids, but remember that this is as much as creative exercise as it is a technical one. While it is understandable to worry that they will become discouraged if they stray into a topic too advanced for them, your child will learn from their mistakes as well as through their successes. Your main role as a parent should be to provide support and guidance rather than to set the boundaries of their curiosity in this matter. In fact, letting your child take the lead as you both learn can be an effective way to instill confidence and encourage them to be unafraid of setbacks, and this is one of the most valuable life lesson that they can learn.

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